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If you need quick and reliable heat for your home or business, Aire One Heating & Cooling has a furnace to meet your needs. We have electric, propane, and natural gas furnaces from top brands like Carrier to keep your home warm all winter.

Furnaces are affordable, safe and will last between 15 and 20 years. Many models can dramatically improve air quality and comfort with features like humidity control and air filtration. The team at Aire One Heating & Cooling provides expert installation and repair services on furnaces of all kinds.



Many Ontario home and business owners are switching to boilers because they use less fuel than traditional forced-air furnaces. In fact, water is a much better thermal conductor than air and retains heat for longer.

Boiler systems are great for people who suffer from allergies because they don't move air, preventing dust and other containments from circulating throughout your home. Additionally, boiler heat is humid and won't dry out your skin during the cold months.



Heat pumps have been gaining popularity in recent years and are great for people who want a two-in-one climate control solution. Heat pumps play both the part of a furnace and air conditioner by extracting and moving heat from one location to another. This makes them very energy efficient. In fact, they use about a third as much electricity as baseboard heaters and considerably less energy than gas or oil furnaces.

A heat pump may be the right choice if you want to reduce your environmental footprint. Fortunately, our team performs installations, repairs and routine maintenance on heat pumps of all types.



If you're thinking about adding a gas or electric fireplace to your home, look no further than Aire One Heating & Cooling. We're proud to be an authorized dealer of Napoleon fireplaces and carry many attractive designer models.

Our Napoleon gas fireplaces include direct vent or vent-free options that can be installed just about anywhere. We also carry gas fireplace inserts for fireplace openings. These units vent through your existing chimney and seal off the opening to prevent drafts.

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From Installation to Repair, We Keep You Warm and Comfortable!

At Electrofrost, we recognize the vital role a dependable heating system plays in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are crucial for comfort and savings. We excel in heater maintenance, repair, and installation to ensure you achieve all three.

Our local team comprises HVAC service professionals who are intimately familiar with our community's needs. Equipped with well-stocked vans, continuous training, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, there's every reason to reach out to us without delay. Keep warm, comfortable, and budget-savvy with Electrofrost.

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